Friday, July 22, 2011

the pennsylvania dutch

for whatever reason, i am really in love with amish country.

the first time i visited as a kid, it was like an entirely different world to me. for all intents and purposes, it is a different world. i didn't understand why someone would want to live that way. why are they wearing that? don't they want to express themselves through style? why don't they drive cars, or have electricity? don't they know how convenient technology is?

a few weeks ago i visited again, for the second time in my life and realized that, now, as an adult, i can fully appreciate the simplicity.

there is something so cool about the idea of a permanently unplugged existence. yes, technology is helpful and impressive and FUN and everything else, but it can also complicate things. i can say personally that i feel totally helpless if i accidentally forget my iphone at home one day, forgetting that people have lived quite well without all the gadgetry for hundreds of thousands of years.

so, i relish the escape to a place where the people live so modestly. it really puts things into perspective.

[comic book segue]
meanwhile, in bird-in-hand, pennsylvania...

if you didn't know that the amish mennonites have their own subcategory of food, word to the wise:

peanut butter schmier is utterly delightful.

my boyfriend and i enjoyed a late lunch at a great buffet called the family cupboard. it was a sweet, unassuming little place, and i liked that their marquee told me to have a safe and happy "independance" day. and the food, well, it was great. i dare say german-inspired down home country cooking at its finest. who doesn't love a little shoo fly pie on a hazy summer day?

another thing i love about the amish? their unwavering faith in God.

nothing like a billboard declaring Jesus is Lord to inspire me to restore my own.

and nothing like a summer road trip through amish country to inspire me to read some beverly lewis! (has anyone read this stuff? i have to admit i'm intrigued...)


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